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  About Us

We are fortunate to have a team of teaching professionals who truly value the care and education of each child at Wakefield. We have created a strong and consistent team who are able to support one another and meet the educational and curriculum goals of our centre’s program.

Our staff have extensive experience in children’s services and come from varying cultures, experiences and backgrounds.
Our team participate in professional development workshops throughout the year, which ensures that they are constantly refreshing their skills and knowledge.

Wakefield is a private, family owned centre which is committed to creating a community environment within our centre with regular parent involvement and a calendar of events offered throughout the year.

Dear Families,

For many children, coming to kindy may be their first time away from their Family and Friends and familiar surroundings. We understand this is a big step for both of you and it is for this reason our team goes to great lengths to embrace all our new children and help them feel comfortable and secure in their new surroundings. We also keep in close contact with you so that at any time you can call us or drop in throughout the day to see how your Child’s first days are going. Along with our preschool program we organise various projects throughout the year, visits by experts and incursions for children and their families. Social events and a parent group regularly meet up throughout the year too. Our team's passion is to nurture and develop children, and provide a community hub where families feel valued in a happy and caring environment.

Sincerely, Wakefield Team

If you would like to find out more information please contact us today!
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